Memorials and Major Gifts

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Memorials & Major Gifts

The Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation welcomes you to leave a legacy for loved ones by forming a memorial through the Foundation. Memorials and major gifts have played an important role in the success of Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

The MRI Challenge

Thanks to the pledge of an anonymous donor, we have been given the challenge to raise $300,000 towards our own permanent MRI unit and receive a matching gift of $300,000!  We hope to raise the money by December 31, 2024.  To support this worthwhile effort, please send your check to WVHCF to PO Box 53, Enterprise, OR 97828, or donate online!

While this is a tall order, we believe we can do it!  The benefits of our own MRI unit mean greater access to this important diagnostic tool (currently a mobile unit comes several days per month).  The new unit is also 80 cm wide, compared to 60 cm wide, making it possible for our larger patients and those with claustrophobia to have greater comfort when getting an MRI.

George and Beth Morris

Thanks to a generous gift from George and Beth Morris, we were able to outfit our new Pediatric Occupational therapy Department – because of your support, Wallowa County children can now receive critical occupational therapy services right here in Wallowa County.

Edgar Burbridge and Frances Boyd Burbridge Memorial

This generous family wanted to make sure that health care in Wallowa County remained strong and planned an estate gift of $231,557 that we received in July of 2018.

Jack McClaran Memorial

The Jack McClaran Memorial was established to launch a new Aquatic Therapy Program at Wallowa Memorial Hospital, where those recovering from surgery or injury can recover through aquatic therapy.

Wilfred & Sandra Daggett

The Wilfred & Sandra Daggett donation of $110,000 helped fund the Wallowa Valley Senior Living. This gift was used to improve the facility for those living at Wallowa Valley Senior Living. The family continues to give generous contributions year after year.

David Jandt Memorial

The David Jandt Memorial funded a Reflection Garden at Wallowa Valley Senior Living for families to relax with their loved ones. Thanks to the generosity of David Jandt’s family and friends, the Reflection Garden is enjoyed by residents and visitors.

Oakley & Marjorie Johnson

The Oakley & Marjorie Johnson endowment fund of $284,496 supports building improvements, education and training, and other capital expenditures.

Guy & Margaret Boyd, Roy & Lorna Carrol, and James & Denise Dawson

This generous family donated $218,484 toward the building of the new Wallowa Memorial Hospital, completed in 2007. The new hospital is the award winning pride of the community and serves as an example to other rural hospitals.

Jack H. & Roberta Boyd Johnson Memorial

In honor of Frank A. & Lora Shinn Boyd $50,000 was donated. This money went toward buying a much needed new ambulance. This ambulance has been instrumental in supplying safe healthcare transportation to those in need.

Gwen & Gladys Coffin Memorial

Gladys Coffin gave the Foundation an irrevocable gift in the amount of $500,000 in honor of her late husband, Gwen. This donation helped bring financial stability to the Foundation, and helped it reach a major milestone when its portfolio passed the $1,000,000 mark in 2011.

Dale & Lucretia Johnson

Special thanks to Dale & Lucretia for donating $50,000 for our new 4×4 ambulance, purchased in 2023.  We appreciate their incredible generosity.

Rocky & Julie Dixon

Rocky & Julie donated $150,000 towards our 4×4 ambulance.  This investment helped us raise the entire amount — $323,000 – along with the Johnson’s gift, and broad community support – to purchase the new 4×4.  Since it replaces an aging unit, the new unit means greater reliability when responding to trauma patients.   We appreciate all the Dixons do to help improve and expand health care services in Wallowa County.

Setting up a memorial is a great way to benefit others while leaving a lasting legacy for a loved one. To set up a memorial, contact director Brooke Pace at 541.426.1913 to make an appointment. Thank you again to all who have supported our Foundation with memorials and major gifts.