Community Health

Prevention is the best medicine, so our goal is to keep our employees and community as healthy as possible!

Wallowa Memorial Hospital values the health of our employees and our community.

  • Designated a “Premier Fit Friendly Work Site” by the American Heart Association
  • Designated a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite™
  • Offering the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) to our employees and community members at a reduced rate. CHIP is a total lifestyle program focused on healthy eating, exercise, stress reduction, and other lifestyle factors that all play a major role in overall health. Since the first eight week session in the fall of 2013, more than 350 residents of Wallowa County, including dozens of hospital employees, have participated in CHIP and seen dramatic results
  • A cafeteria focused on healthy and delicious choices, including:
    • Plant-based options
    • Locally-raised grass fed beef used for burgers, taco meat, etc.
    • The only full-service salad bar in the county
    • Two soup choices daily, including one vegan
  • Annual biometric screening offered to all employees for free
  • Employee wellness program, CommitToBeFit, focusing on walking more
  • Fun and friendly games and contests organized by the physical and occupational therapy departments to get employees out of their offices and enjoying outdoor activities

For information on upcoming wellness programs, contact Robin Hopkins at 541-426-5415