Healthy Futures Dinner Auction

healthy futures dinner auction
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Join us for the 26th Annual Healthy Futures Online Auction!

The Auction begins Wednesday, November 10 at 9:00 am; the Auction ends Saturday, November 13 at 4:00 pm.

Items will be available to see at the Cloverleaf Hall in Enterprise on Friday, November 12, from noon – 6:00 pm; from Saturday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Winning bidders will be notified at the close of the Auction and can pick up winning items at Cloverleaf from 4:15 pm – 6:00 pm on Saturday.  Check the Foundation’s Facebook page at Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation for updates, as well as The Chieftain.


To register for this free online auction, go to now!

Thank you for your help as we raise money for our new orthopedic surgery department!


We will miss seeing you all at the dinner auction, and we look forward to brighter days ahead!

Hospital CEO Larry Davy Gives State of the Hospital Address

Hear the state of health care in Wallowa County in this short video


Meet New Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Bradley Smith

Learn why we’re investing in a fracture table and a new precision instrument from Dr. Smith


Thank you to all who tuned in to our

25th Annual & First-Ever Virtual Healthy Futures Dinner Auction!

We have raised over $40,000 towards a new Omnicell Medication Dispensing System, designed to eliminate the risk of medication errors, keeping our patients safe.   We are still accepting donations, which can be sent to:


PO Box 53

Enterprise, OR 97828


If you’d like to see the program, click on the links below.  Thank you again!


Since 1996, the Foundation has sponsored the Healthy Futures Dinner Auction. It has become Wallowa County’s most significant event of the year. This elegant affair annually sells out to an enthusiastic and generous audience of over 200, who enjoy a catered dinner and auctions of various items at the Cloverleaf Hall in Enterprise. The proceeds from the Dinner Auction are targeted to a specific need at the hospital.


Helping improve and expand health care services in Wallowa County!

  • 2019: $152,470 for 4×4 Ambulance
  • 2018: $148,497 for Ultrasound System
  • 2017: $93,916 for Genius 3D Mammography
  • 2016: $68,981 for new patient beds
  • 2015: $59,378 Bone Density Scanner
  • 2014: $44,575 Telemedicine Robot
  • 2013: $44,896 for wireless heart monitors
  • 2012: $42,620 for new Advanced Life Support Ambulance
  • 2011: $42,000 for Omnicell Automated Medication Dispensing System to reduce the risk of medication errors
  • 2010: $54,000 for new surgical equipment
  • 2009: $56,000 for physical therapy equipment
  • 2008: $65,000 for a top of the line digital mammography machine
  • 2007: $45,000 for a new 4WD ambulance
  • 2006: $67,000 for the new hospital
  • 2005: $54,000 for the new hospital
  • 2004: $53,500 for radiology
  • 2003: $44,000 for physical therapy
  • 2002: $74,500 for the hospital’s first mammography machine
  • 2001: $44,000 for new beds for the Care Center
  • 2000: $35,000 to upgrade and remodel Obstetrics
  • 1999: $37,000 for a new operating table
  • 1998: $21,000 for new beds for the Care Center
  • 1997: $20,000 for a new CT Scan
  • 1996: $19,500 for the Resident’s House