Wallowa Valley Senior Living

Wallowa Valley Senior Living

When your loved one needs more help than you can provide at home, there’s Wallowa Valley Senior Living

Wallowa Valley Senior Living, located on the medical campus in Enterprise that includes Wallowa Memorial Hospital and Parkway Health and Wellness Center, offers 17 private assisted living apartments that include private bathrooms and kitchenettes.  Each apartment opens onto a spacious and home-like living room and dining room where residents can enjoy shared meals, social activities, weekly piano playing by pianist Gail Swart, or just relaxing with the other residents.

For those needing specialized memory care, Wallowa Valley Senior Living offers eight private apartments, two of which are double occupancy.  Adjacent and connected but separated from the assisted living, “Memory Village” as it’s affectionately called by staff, offers one-on-one care customized for each resident.  The focus is on celebrating each moment in the present, yet embracing each resident’s personal history.  “Today’s Memories” is the centerpiece of care for residents suffering from memory loss.

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Wallowa Valley Senior Living is managed by Artegan, which is overseen by the Wallowa County Health Care District Board.

To schedule a free consultation on your loved one, contact us today:

Phone:  541.426.5311
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Wallowa Valley Senior Living
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