2022 Gift Guide

2022 gift guide

2022 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season of toys and gadgets galore. However, one of the best gifts that a child could receive is that of time and presence with the ones to whom they are closest. From a developmental perspective, children can learn so much from the time spent with their loved ones and peers. Your presence will shape them into the people they will become and help them grow leaps and bounds in their communication, social skills, executive functioning (problem-solving, self-regulation, resilience), and self-care independence. In the spirit of togetherness, Wallowa Memorial Hospital’s speech pathologist, Colby Garth, and pediatric occupational therapists, Natalie Butz and Adaline Boden have compiled a 2022 gift guide the whole family can enjoy.

1. Snowman Kit/Snow Fort Building Kit: Skills developed: team building, problem-solving, task sequencing, effective communication, fine/gross motor development

2. Construction Toys: (our favorites: Magna-tiles, Zoobs, Marble Track, or LEGOS): Skills developed: fine motor strength/coordination, problem-solving, planning/organizing, pretend social play, fosters creativity

3. Play House/Play Fort: (our favorites: tablecloth house, fort building kit, inflatable air tent) Skills developed: self-care independence, effective communication, social skills

4. Board Games: (our favorites: Hedbandz, Sneaky Snacks Squirrel, Guess Who, Settlers of Catan) Skills developed: social skills, attention/focus, problem-solving, emotional regulation (how to be a good sport), team building

5. Art supplies: (our favorites: Crayola Pip Squeaks Marker Tower, art paper) Skills develop self-expression, fine motor coordination, attention/focus, self-regulation, social skills)


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