10 Speech and Language Strategies

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10 Speech and Language Strategies

Better Hearing and Speech Month

Each May, Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) provides an opportunity to share speech and language strategies and raise awareness about communication disorders and the role of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Audiologists. Wallowa Memorial Hospital has a new Speech-Language Pathologist.


New to the Wallowa Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Team is Speech-Language Pathologist, Colby Garth.










Colby graduated from Nova Southeastern University. She has five years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist working in various settings, with the most experience working with pediatrics in speech and language development and adult swallowing disorders. SLPs work with a wide range of conditions, including problems with speech sounds, language, social communication, voice, fluency, feeding, and swallowing. Colby is a positive resource to the community and is here to provide tips for encouraging early speech and language development in children.


Speech and Language Strategies

For BHSM, Colby is providing some early speech and language strategies for the pediatric population.

  1. Self-Talk: Talk out loud about what you’re doing
  2. Parallel Talk: Talk out loud about what your child is doing
  3. Repetition: Repeat words over and over
  4. Give Two Choices: “Do you want ___ or ___”
  5. Sabotage: Set it up, so they need to ask for help
  6. Be Forgetful: Let them ask for what they need
  7. Verbal Routines: Use the same words in daily routines
  8. Make Comments: Use more statements than questions
  9. Wait: Pause and give them time to respond (longer than  you would expect to pause)
  10. Add One Word: Use one more word that your child  is using (ex: child: “car” adult: “red car!”)


Additional Tips For Speech-Language Disorders and Communication

Below are some other resources for signs of speech-language disorders and tips and milestones from birth to five years old:

Know the Signs of Speech and Language Disorders: https://identifythesigns.org/signs-of-speech-and-language-disorders/

Communicating With Baby: Tips and Milestones From Birth to Age 5: https://identifythesigns.org/communicating-with-baby-toolkit/


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