Wallowa Memorial Hospital Designated Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite

Wallowa Memorial Hospital Designated Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite

Wallowa Memorial Hospital celebrated a major achievement in its pursuit of a healthy workplace when it was designated a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite by Blue Zones Project Oregon.  The honor was celebrated in a private reception April 4 at Wallowa Memorial Hospital, and featured fresh fruit plates and water spiced with fresh strawberries.

“It’s huge for this hospital and for this community, and Blue Zones Project has offered a lot of resources to help with our employee wellness programs,” said Margaret Lamm, director of nutritional services at Wallowa Memorial Hospital and a member of the CommitToBeFit wellness committee.

Blue Zones Project Oregon is a statewide well-being improvement program aimed at making the healthy choice the easy choice in workplaces and communities, and is based on the research of National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, who identified five regions in the world that enjoy the highest rates of longevity and the lowest rates of disease and disability.  The five places became known as The Blue Zones, and have inspired a best-selling book and a movement in communities around the country to help them adopt the nine qualities that Buettner identified as being consistent with Blue Zones communities.  The “Power Nine” include:  move naturally; live with purpose; down-shirt to reduce stress; stop eating when 80% full; eat a diet heavy in plants; wind down each day after work with one glass of wine with friends; put family first; attend church services weekly; and surround yourself with people who also support positive behaviors.

Blue Zones Project Oregon recognized Wallowa Memorial Hospital for its commitment to a growing list of wellness programs and policies that include plant-based options in its cafeteria, a quiet space for staff to down-shift, workstations that allow standing or sitting, walking programs, and free annual biometric screenings.

“This designation as a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite is a validation of all the work that’s gone into promoting healthy lifestyle choices,”  said hospital CEO Larry Davy.  “We’re proud of the work the wellness committee has done, and we’re excited about the new opportunities for enhanced well-being that this new program and the resources it provides can offer.”

Blue Zones Project is brought to Oregon through leadership funding by Cambia Health Foundation in support of Oregon Healthiest State.wellnesscommitteebzp  Shown here with the certificate from Blue Zones Project are some members of the wellness committee, from left to right:  Gwen Thomas, Margaret Lamm, Linda Childers, Erica DeWeber and Chantelle Johnson.

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