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Page last updated on 1/15/2021.

If you still have questions after reviewing this page and the other web pages listed below, please email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We are receiving more inquiries than our staff can handle, so it is best if you can try to find your answer on these pages before emailing us. Thank you for understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Unfortunately at the Governor’s press conference on January 15th, the state resends the directive to vaccinate those who are 65 and older.  This greatly changes our ability to conduct the vaccine clinics as planned for January 19th and 22nd.

Given our current supply on hand, we will be vaccinating the remainder of Phase 1a, people who work in the education system, and people who are 80 years of age and older next week.  If you are 80 years of age or older and are not currently on the wait list and would like a vaccine please call 541.426.5437.

If you are currently scheduled to receive your vaccine on January 19th or 22nd and are under the age of 80 you will receive a call from Wallowa Memorial Hospital to be placed on a waiting list.  We will continue to vaccinate people as quickly as possible as sequencing and supply allows.

We understand that this is incredibly frustrating, thank you for your patience as we attempt to implement the Governor’s new plan.

Can I get on a list to get vaccinated?

There is not a list for people who are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine. Oregon Health Authority, Wallowa Memorial Hospital, and vaccine providers across the state will utilize media, websites and many other means of getting the message out to the populations being served in the current vaccination phase.

When can I get vaccinated?

Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority determine the vaccination prioritization. Exact timeframes can change and depend on vaccine supply. Please see the table below to find your group.  We are currently scheduling anyone in the group Phase 1a and people who are 65 years of age or older and people who work in the education system. (All supply on hand is accounted for at this time and we are adding names to a wait list to be scheduled when we receive additional doses.)

What is herd immunity (or community immunity)?

Herd immunity, or community immunity, happens when enough people are immune to an infectious disease through vaccination or prior illness to make its spread from person to person unlikely. Experts estimate that herd immunity would require a large percent of the population to have COVID-19 immunity, either through prior infection or vaccination. That’s why experts are encouraging the public to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

How much does the vaccine cost?

The federal government will cover the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine. Please note that your health care provider may charge an office visit fee or a fee to give the vaccine. Health insurance is required to cover these fees. Providers should administer the vaccine regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

Once I get vaccinated, how long until I am protected?

Once you receive your first vaccine you will need to make a plan to receive your second dose. The second vaccine can be given in four (Moderna) weeks. After your second dose, it takes your body 2-3 weeks to build up the antibodies needed to protect you.

Once fully vaccinated, the vaccine will provide you with about 95% protection, but it is unclear if it protects those around you. While you are unlikely to get sick, you may still be able to carry the virus. Please continue to wear a mask and wash your hands regularly.

How long will Phase 1A last? (scroll down for phases)

Oregon Health Authority expects to be done vaccinating all groups in Phase 1A by the end of February. However, this is dependent on how much vaccine Oregon receives.

Additional Resources

Current prioritized phases and important updates

The prioritization of specific groups is an evolving process. We will work to keep it up to date here.

Phase 1A (groups 1-4) defined by OHA in the Vaccine Sequencing Plan
Phase 1B and 1C defined by ACIP recommendation at the federal level

1/5/2021 Oregon Health Authority update regarding Phase 1A: OHA is allowing anyone included in Phase 1A, Groups 1-4 to be considered eligible for the vaccine at this time. Providers and vaccine sites should vaccinate in a manner that provides the greatest efficiency to maximize vaccinations. However, to the extent, possible providers should follow the sequencing outlined in the plan.


Anticipated Timeline


Groups Included

Where/how vaccine will be given

December 2020 through
February 2021

Phase 1A
Group 1

1. Hospitals, urgent care

2. Skilled nursing and memory care facility health care providers and residents

3. EMS providers, law enforcement, fire and 911 dispatch

1. Hospitals

2. Federal contract with pharmacies

3. EMS providers

January through February 2021

Phase 1A
Group 2

1. Residential facilities, congregate care sites and adult foster homes, including health care providers and residents 

2. Hospice programs, mobile crisis care and related services, secure transport 

3. Secure transport

4. Individuals working in a correctional setting

1. Federal contract with pharmacies

2. Health system partnership 

3. Internal

4. Dept. of Corrections or County

January through February 2021

Phase 1A
Group 3

  • Outpatient settings serving specific high-risk groups, in-home care, day treatment services

  • SEIU home healthcare

  • Non-emergency medical transport

  • Health system partnership (See 1/12 update above) or Internal

  • SEIU

  • Internal

January through February 2021

Phase 1A
Group 4

  • All other outpatient health care settings

  • Public Health workers who have contact with the public

  • Health care workers in early learning settings

  • Death care workers

  • Health system partnership 

  • County

  • Health system partnership 

  • Health system partnership 

January 19th and 22nd

Phase 1B
Prioritized as first group

  • Child care, preschool and K-12 teachers and school district staff

  • Persons 80 and older

  • Hospital Vaccine Clinic at the Cloverleaf Hall, please call 541.426.5437 to schedule an appointment.  Currently taking names for a wait list until additional vaccine supplies are received.  


Phase 1B
Frontline essential workers

  • Persons 65-79

  • Food and agricultural workers

  • Postal Service workers

  • Manufacturing workers

  • Grocery store workers

  • Public transit workers

  • TBD

  • TBD

  • TBD

  • TBD

  • TBD

  • TBD


Phase 1C

  • Persons aged 16-64 years with high-risk medical conditions

  • Other essential workers

  • TBD

  • TBD

Spring/Summer 2021

Phase 2

  • General population

  • Health care providers and pharmacies